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    • I am a Republican, running for the Senate's 15th district (areas of Berkeley, Morgan, Mineral, and Hampshire counties)
    • I own and operate a small farm with my wife and 10 year old daughter.
    • I served in the United States Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer for 11 years. 
    • I have been a Horse Farrier for 16 years, as well as running a small business that assists people with disabilities to obtain employment.



    Every year our public employees get less coverage with an increase in their premiums. I support better funding and better coverage. The legislation needed to do this must be passed. We need to keep our promise to school personnel and all state employees, that PEIA will be fixed.



    Crops like hemp, offer great opportunities for small scale farmers. The ability to grow medicinal marijuana should only be available to West Virginia farmers, rather than large agricultural companies from other states. Food to table programs encourage small scale farmers to grow nutritious food for the community.



    The current treatment for opioid abuse is very limited in the district. There are few detox centers and fewer treatment centers. Resources for the family members of people who suffer addiction are urgently needed. Yes, there are grants and money appropriated by the government, but this money is not translating to treatment availability. I will work hard to make sure that local detox and treatment can be found here.



    I join the fight to oppose abortion. Human life is sacred and precious. I support the availability of healthcare for women, so they can get the prenatal care and the support services they may need to continue their pregnancy. Women should have options available such as counseling, family support and adoption, if the mother feels this is the best option.



    Increase the number of good paying jobs through incentives for business to relocate to West Virginia. Increase assistance for people starting their own business. Abolish the inventory tax, which just hurts business.


    As an American who wore the uniform of this Country. I swore an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution. No one ever relieve me of this Oath. One of our Rights, that is under attack is the 2nd Amendment. A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a Free State, the Right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. I will strengthen and protect this right and not let it fall to the desires of those who wish us to be disarmed.

    Term Limits

    Our founding fathers wished for the president to serve only 2 terms equaling 8 years. I believe any other elected official should also serve a maximum of 8 years or two terms. If an elected official cannot make the lives of his/her constituents better in those 8 years, they ought to step aside. If they have done well in those 8 years, then the elected official can walk away with their head held high.

    No Rain Tax

    I do not support placing the burden of paying for storm water management on the citizens. Developers need to be held responsible for paying for the increased cost of storm water management due to their construction of buildings, parking lots and access roads. Maryland should not dictate to us what taxes we will pay. I am the only candidate for Senator that will take this fight to Charleston.

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    5/19/20 - Thank you Valley Guns, Middle Creek Archery, LLC, and Les' Place for your continued support.



    5/19/20 - Thank you Arden Equipment for your continued support.




    5/19/20 - Thank you King Street Emporium for your continued support.


    5/16/20 - The Journal publishes the Candidate Profile for Kenneth Mattson


    Click HERE to see the article


    1/21/20 - Check out the article in the Martinsburg Journal on Ken Mattson running for West Virginia State Senate.

    Ken Mattson filed for candidacy for West Virginia State Senate District 15


    On January 14, 2020 Ken filed for the office of State Senator. He is working on forging a better future for West Virginia.


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